Mom, Dad, Kids It’s Time To Step Into the Future

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As a child you dreamed of something that could clean your room for you. Well, thank you 2018 and Japan, we now have that something to clean our children’s room now. Seriously, kids these days get everything. That’s right it’s the room cleaning robot. So how do these room cleaning robots work exactly? These robots use a combination of cameras and deep learning software to move throughout a room and pick up toys and place them in the designated areas. You would have to train your robot so it knew where to pick things up and put them away.

The downfall to these robots are that they are ridiculously slow. On the videos of them being tested, they are still moving very slowly. That’s okay, all amazingly life changing inventions take time. Well, maybe not life changing, but life changing for children and parents alike. The robots are definitely still in the early phases, however the company does mention that they would like to start selling these robots in the very near future. We could very well be a Jetson society. Hopefully our house cleaning robots won’t resent just how many toys are in our living rooms on a day to day basis.

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