Mom’s Singing Brings Baby To Tears In The Cutest Way Possible


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Just plain WOW!

A mother’s love is strong, strong enough to make babies cry — but in a good way! Can your eyes stay dry while watching this baby become emotional at the sound of her mother’s singing? We doubt it.

This 10-month-old’s impassioned response to her mother’s private performance of “My Heart Can’t Tell You No” gives a whole new (beautiful) meaning to the word “cry-baby.”


The almost adult-like facial expressions from this adorable chubby cheeked, bright eyed 10-month old are just no much to handle. Chances are you will cry while watching…just like we did!

What make’s this one of our favorite “cute kid” viral videos of 2013 is that this little one “appears” to emotionally understand the complex nuances of the song making her tears and shy smiles all the more meaningful and sweet.

To the crooning mommy of this cute little tyke, all we’ve got to say is “thank you” for brightening our day!

To see the complete, tear jerking, uninterrupted video, visit:

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