More People Are Choosing The Single Life, And It’s Great

Bella Breakdown

More and more, people are embracing the benefits of a single life, and choosing to push marriage and family life further into the future, or maybe even calling it off all together. Millennials especially are putting their careers, travel and friends before relationships, and with the help of dating apps, they can still enjoy the company of a partner or date, without the full commitment.

So why do so many women feel pressured to find a partner and settle down? Much of it stems from the influence of older generations, i.e. when your mother bugs you about your dating life every time you come home.

Historically, people blindly set out to cross off items on their young-adult-to-do list: Go to school. Work hard. Find a partner. Get married. Have children. Encourage your children to do the same. Rinse and repeat,” Darcy Sterling, a clinical social worker, told USA TODAY. “Millennials are questioning norms and societal problems.”

The biggest takeaway, is that we should be supporting each other no matter what our relationship status. Focusing on friendships, family and life goals is a bigger priority than meeting the expectations of society.

I encourage you to reach out to some of your single friends, and find ways to support them, or even just get together for a chat. If you’re single yourself, note the times that you catch yourself doubting your single life, or feeling guilty about it. Why do you feel that way? Write it down, or share your thoughts with a friend.

It’s YOUR life, and whatever you choose, it’s what’s best for you!

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