Most Popular Spot On Airbnb?

Bella Breakdown

What do you think the MVP Airbnb property is? Well the most visited Airbnb was the mushroom dome cabin in 2016. It is still one of the hottest spots for travel on the site. It is in California and only costs around $130 per night depending on what day of the week you are staying.

The owner, Kitty, boats about her popular cottage. But we e can’t take anything away from her 1,000 review and 5 star rating in all categories. But don’t try to bring a large party, it is only built to fit 2-3 guests. It sits on 10 acres of beautiful property that will have you wanting to stay forever. Her place also is the home to goats and chickens, so animal lovers are definitely welcome.

The affordable lodge is cost-friendly, but finding dates that are open is a challenge. If you are considering the ‘mushroom’ for your next vacation, you might have to book months in advance.

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