My Last Bachelor Post (I Swear!)

Bella Breakdown

“The Bachelor” is finally over, and all of our questions have been answered. We know who Colton ended up with, who the next Bachelorette is, whether or not Colton lost his virginity (I think…?), and, most importantly, why Colton jumped the fence.

To give ya’ll an update, in the last three episodes, Colton told Cassie he was falling in love with her. Cassie was unsure of her feelings for Colton, and knew that she wouldn’t be ready for an engagement at the end of the show, so she left. Then, Colton put those football hops to good use and jumped the (8 foot!) fence.

After some talking, and crying, with the producers and CH, he decided that he needed to break up with the other two girls and give it his all to try and get Cassie back. After some sad breakups, he found himself knocking on Cassie’s door. Long story short: She answers, he tells her that he loves her and that he only wants to be with her and that they don’t have to get engaged, and she says “OK. Let’s give this a shot.”

Then, they go to Spain and have sex. (We think.)

Now, Colton and Cassie are traveling around the United States, being interviewed basically back to back. Some fans have been giving Cassie hell for leaving and not being ready for an engagement. Haters now use it as an excuse for saying that she doesn’t love him.

But let’s think realistically about this, people. They really had only seen each other for a grand total of 8 days, give or take. Would you be ready for an engagement by then? Luckily, all of these interviews are giving people a chance to see their love and for Cassie to defend why she acted like a normal human being.

Hopefully soon the couple will have a chance to take a break from the spotlight and go enjoy some well deserved time together!

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