Need-To-Knows Before Tying The Knot

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People are always asking when the right time to “pop the question” is. Fears of it being “too soon” or “not soon enough” are always lurking in the backs of couples’ minds. Well, it’s time to dispel those thoughts once and for all.

According to RealSimple, there are the 10 things you must do before settling down with your S/O (significant other). But let’s break it down to the most important ones for a healthy and long-lasting marriage.

Take an impromptu trip
Spontaneity is a sure fire way to spice up any relationship. Gauge how your partner reacts to bringing up a surprise “day-cation” or how you two deal in an unfamiliar environment.

Talk about money
Who wants to get tied down only to realize that the money situation is tighter than the bond you have with your boo? Discussing finances is a must before you hear wedding bells ringing.

Talk about kids
Pop the question? How about asking how many babies you want to pop out first? If you aren’t on the same page about kids, chances are you aren’t on the same page about marriage (unless you are REALLY good at compromise)

Live together
In today’s climate, this one isn’t obvious. Some couples need that extra push of “closeness” to see if they can really handle a toilet seat being left up overnight, or an array of makeup products sprawled out across the bathroom counter.

Meet each others favorite people
This one might be the most crucial. While your favorite person may be your soon-to-be spouse, that means that their favorite people are going play key roles in both of your futures. Getting to know their besties will not only impress your S/O, but it will definitely come in handy when you need someone to call for a last-minute Valentine’s day gift.

So stop worrying about when to ask the question and start a checklist! How well do you really get along with your soon-to-be spouse?

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