Netflix’s Adventurous New Feature

Bella Breakdown

Netflix is releasing a cool new interactive feature that will hopefully have binge-watchers doing more than just hitting ‘next episode’, or having an existential crisis every time the service asks, “are you still watching?”. This feature is going to allow watcher to essentially choose their own adventure with interactive series. They are reportedly dropping the first project before the end of 2018.

Netflix is going to set up shows and movies that will allow the viewer to pick what is going to happen to the plot line. The extremely popular Netflix hit, “Black Mirror” will be featuring an episode where viewers are able to do this, which is needless to say super intriguing. Children’s shows will definitely be jumping on board to this feature. Children will be more interactive with their cartoons. Plus it will give all of their parents the excuse to say, “back in my day, we used to read choose your own adventure books”.

There are a number of possibilities to how this feature is going to effect Netflix’s content. Will we like the new feature, or will we hate it? I guess you will have to wait to choose your own opinion once this new feature is available!

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