Nicki Minaj And Cardi B NYFW Fight Addressed

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Apparently there is not enough room on the throne for two queens. Nicki Minaj and Cardi B got into a high profile confrontation at New York Fashion Week, and we’re sort of wondering if it will make an appearance in any of their upcoming songs. Although this was apparently the beginning of the fight.

Cardi B was extremely upset with Nicki, claiming that Minaj stepped one her dress at the Harper’s Bazaar ICON party and then made a negative comment in regards to Cardi’s newborn daughter, Kulture. This alleged comment and action caused Cardi to go after Nicki. They were both being protected by their security. However this did not stop Cardi from taking off her very high heels to throw at Nicki.

Nicki commented saying that she would never speak ill of someone’s child that that behavior “is clown sh–“. Nicki is mortified by the entire situation, understandably so. Nicki questioned as to why Cardi has to make comments about someone else, or fight with someone else while she’s at the top of her game. We’re sort of wondering the same thing about you too, Nicki. She definitely hasn’t been silent in the media as of late about people she’s dissatisfied with.

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