Patience Is A Virtue & Here’s How To Teach It To Your Kids

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I want what I want when I want it- we all feel that way sometimes. However, for our kids, that is the way they feel most of the time. We have all witnessed our kids snatch, push or scream to get something first. Therefore, because it is not a skill we are born with, your littles need to be taught the art of having patience. There are many ways you can help them practice.

Be a good role model. If they see you yelling at them when they aren’t moving as quickly as you would like, cutting people off in traffic or getting annoyed by a slow moving line, how can you expect them to learn to do the right thing?

Use a timer. When your child asks you to do something and you respond with, “In a minute”, that means nothing to them. Setting a timer so they can count down is a way for them to have a visual of how much longer they have to wait. It also helps with them coming back to you every 30 seconds asking how much longer.

Use distractions when dealing with the inevitable. Unfortunately, sitting in traffic, waiting in the line at the grocery store or sitting in the waiting room at the doctor’s office are a part of life. So, playing silly games, coloring a picture or having a book to read to them are ways you can prevent boredom from taking over while you are waiting. 

Remember that practice makes better! Pick and choose your times to have your kids practice their patience skills. Be sure not to expect as much from them when they are hungry or tired. With time and patience (on your part!), your kids will get there.

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