People In Their 20s Answer Important Dating Questions

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Okay, dating is not easy. For some people it seems to come easy, but if you ask the majority they would probably all agree that is not. There are questions we need to ask ourselves about dating so that we can remain on the healthiest track, and make sure to simultaneously protect our hearts and put ourselves out there. Expert, Carly Haeck, M.S., Therapist has the answers.

1. How Many Times Is Too Many Times?
You might have done the whole break up, make up thing with a partner. It might seem romantic and passionate, but there comes a point when you need to stop getting back together with your ex. Carly says two times is enough.

2. How Many Dates Is Too Many To Ghost Someone?
You may have been the ghoster, or you may have been ghosted, either way there is a certain number of dates that makes ghosting inappropriate. The golden number according to Haeck? 1 date. That’s right, have the courtesy to tell someone where you stand with them at the beginning. It’s the right thing to do.

3. Is It Okay to Stay Friends With An Ex’s Mom?
Hmmm, boundaries come into question with this one, and Carly agrees. That is his mom, and once you two have ended your relationship, you should end yours with his mom, no matter how close you two had gotten.

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