Poolside Friendly Canned Cocktails And Wine

Bella Breakdown

The best part of summer may be sitting poolside with a cold beverage in hand. Unfortunately, bringing a drink in a glass to the pool is an accident waiting to happen. But with these canned wines, spritzers, and cocktails, you can enjoy your poolside drink worry free. These drinks are super easy to throw in a cooler and you never have to worry about making a drink because they are already made!

First on our list is Mule 2.0. The can mimics a copper mug and tastes just like a true Moscow mule. You can find the Mule 2.0 online at TotalWine.com for about 11 dollars for a four-pack.
Next is Smirnoff’s spiked sparkling seltzer. The refreshing beverage has 0 sugar and only 90 calories. For all you people trying to maintain that bikini bod, this one is for you. You can find them in most stores for about 8 bucks for a six-pack.

And for all you wine lovers out there, Seven Daughters canned wine. You can bring this delicious and refreshing wine on the go! It is around 13 dollars on BevMo.com.

Next time you are heading to a glass-free zone, pick up some of these poolside friendly beverages for a relaxing day or evening.

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