Pre-Night Out Workout

Bella Breakdown

Everyone wants to feel their best when they are putting on the skin-tight dress for a night-out. So why can’t you? Make a little bit of time before you go out on the town and do these three moves to have tighter legs and tighter abs.

First, crunches (everyone’s favorite). Do three sets of 10 with a small break in between. This is a quick fix to tighten your tummy muscles and make it look flatter.

Next, we have squats. Similar to the crunches, do three sets of 10 with a small break in between each set. Squats will tighten your behind and help you get that poppin’ Kim Kardashian booty.

And lastly, there are side leg raises. Just like the squat, this will make your legs nice and toned (especially important if you are wearing a short dress).

Find some time to do these three moves to look your absolute best on your next night out!

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