Protect Your Skin This Summer

Bella Breakdown

Since I was a young child, all I’ve ever wanted was an all over summer tan. Instead, my typically pasty self would burn like a boiling lobster, and then freckle. I was convinced that anytime I did get tan, it was because all of my freckles were connecting.

I was completely irresponsible in the sun. I thought it was okay to let myself burn to the point of peeling, simply so I could obtain a fleeting tan. Now just a few years later, I find myself worried about new moles.

I even notice wrinkles starting to form on my face and chest. If you aren’t responsible, the sun can do some major long term damage to your skin and your overall health. Here are a few tips to protect yourself in the sun this summer:

1. Apply sunscreen generously, and often!
2. Wear a hat; protect that sensitive face skin.
3. Wear sunglasses. Eyes burn too!
4. Limit your time in the sun
5. Use a high SPF, especially for fairer skin
6. Ditch the tanning oil!

Vitamin D is extremely important to obtain on a daily basis, however, just like everything else, being out in the sun needs to be done in moderation!

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