Protein Pancakes, Chobani Yogurt And Other Healthy Food Finds For Fall

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TODAY nutritionist Joy Bauer joins Kathy Lee and Hoda with an array of healthy food finds for fall, including two brands of protein pancakes, Chobani yogurt in fall flavors, chicken sausages, and low-sodium butternut squash soup.

Kodiak Cakes and flap Jacked both make delicious protein pancakes, rather than your traditional mix, which is loaded with refined carbohydrates. Additionally, the pancake mixtures are loaded with whole-grains, which helps keep you feeling fuller longer.

If you need a healthy and nutritious snack on the go, Lara Bar makes RXBAR for kids.  They come in lots of delicious flavors and there is no added sugar in these bars.

Chobani is making fall flavored yogurts. Delicious flavors such as Pumpkin Spice and Apple will provide a great snack without artificial sweeteners and a healthy dose of protein. Superseedz makes gourmet roasted pumpkin seeds.

Just in time for tailgating season, there are delicious chicken apple sausages made by Applegate and Alfresco. Dr. Praeger’s makes root vegetable frozen sides.

Puréed root vegetables such a sweet potato are molded into cute little dinosaur shapes.

Lastly on the list is a yummy butternut squash soup made by Pacific. It is low in sodium, creamy and delicious.

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