‘Queer Eye’ Is Back And Better Than Ever

Bella Breakdown

Our favorite makeover artists are back on Netflix, ready to change more people’s lives, and I for one cannot wait to binge watch the new season of Queer Eye. The cast is still the same fab five, with Johnathan doing hair and makeup, Antoni cooking up a storm, Karamo giving fabulous advice, Tan dressing to impress, and Bobby working his booty off to redecorate the whole house.

The reason why Queer eye is so great isn’t just because it is a makeover show. These five men find people who have been through hardships and are really low on their self confidence, and they work really hard to help them see their inner and outer beauty.

The best part of the whole show is that they choose to help people who have differing opinions, beliefs, and values than theirs, and throughout the show they have conversations with this person about tough issues. At the end of the episodes, it seems as though the differences don’t really matter as much, and everyone is able to see where the other person is coming from, and more importantly: see the humanity of each other.

This season is no different in its humanizing and centralizing nature. The first episode kicks off the season with a gun loving, squirrel hunting woman. You can expect some gun regulation talk and some camo outfits to be thrown in the trash, and both are certainly for the greater good of humanity.

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