Quick and Easy Ways to Look Rested


Bella Breakdown

Life can be pretty busy and more than often leaves us exhausted pretty much all the time, but even though we feel tired, we don’t want to look it. That’s why these tricks for looking bright eyes and bushy tailed are so absolutely fabulous.


First, eye cream is a daily must. It’s nice to leave it in a cool place in the house like by a cracked open window or even the in the fridge. This is so that it’s nice and cool when you put it on in the morning.

Second, an eyelash curler and lengthening mascara are your best friends. Even if you don’t have anything else on your face, these will instantly make your face look more open and awake.

Third, a nude eye pencil on your water line takes away redness and really opens the eyes up. Another must have eye product is a pale eye shadow that’s lightly lighter than your skin tone.

Lastly, we never leave home without a trusty pair of sunglasses! We hope one of these great tricks makes it into your daily beauty routine and brightens up your day(s)!

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