Rachael Ray Shares Her Best Baking Tips Of All Time

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If there is one person we trust with our baking tips, it’s Rachael Ray. She always has the easiest tips that save money, time and effort. Rachael’s culinary team member and resident baking expert, Grant Melton, shares his tricks of the sweet trade that will turn any beginner into a novice in no time! Here are five of Rachel’s best baking tips of all time:

1. Measure dry ingredients over parchment paper. That way, whatever spills onto the paper can easily be poured back into its container to avoid a mess and to help avoid wasting ingredients.
2. Grate butter to make it room temperature. If you’re in a bind and need room temperature butter, fast, use a cheese grater to grate the stick of butter.
3. Cover eggs in warm water to make them room temperature in a pinch. If your eggs are still cold from the refrigerator, this is the fastest way to warm them up quickly and safely.
4. Line the measuring cup with plastic wrap when measuring sticky ingredients. There’s nothing more frustrating then spending way too much time trying to clean a sticky measuring cup…avoid this entirely by using plastic wrap!
5. Microwave peanut butter until pourable for faster measuring. Genius! Peanut butter is always tricky to measure out, and not to mention, messy.

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