Replace Sugar With These Sweet Options

Bella Breakdown

There are healthier options than refined white sugar. Agave syrup, coconut sugar, and stevia are good options that, in addition to having a lower glycemic index, maintain their nutrients.

1. Coconut sugar is natural and has a low glycemic index. Coconut sugar is not refined and offers nutrients like zinc, calcium, iron and potassium.
2. Agave nectar has a dense texture and intense flavor. You can sweeten much more with just a few drops, making it easier to decrease your glucose consumption.
3. Stevia is both natural and nutritious. Additionally, Stevia is an antioxidant and helps with digestion. It decreases fatigue and anxiety due to its high magnesium content. Stevia also helps relax the nervous system and detoxifies your body.
So take advantage of nature’s sweeteners!

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