Rules To Avoiding A Toxic Relationship

Bella Breakdown

I remember in my first relationship feeling as though my partner’s jealous and controlling behavior was a sign of love, even if my intuition was telling me to run at every second.

You might have found yourself in multiple toxic relationships. They do come in different packages, and don’t always look the same. So it is important to know some ground rules so you can avoid getting yourself into a toxic relationship.

1. If you are unhappy, leave. That nagging feeling that all of the bad is outweighing the good is not going to go away. So it is better to get out sooner rather than later when things are more entangled.

2. You can’t love someone enough for the both of you. You putting in all of the emotional effort is not a sign of a healthy relationship, and will leave you heart broken at the end of it.

3. Don’t be their everything, and don’t make them your everything. This behavior is isolating and alienating. You’re putting all of your self worth and value into another person, so when things end up going south, you can’t separate yourself from it in a healthy manner.

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