Saving Perishable Foods During Disaster

Bella Breakdown

Unfortunately, the East Coast of the United States has been suffering the damages of multiple hurricanes. Currently, Hurricane Michael is tearing through the Florida Panhandle. We’ve seen water taking out entire houses, wind has been ripping off roofs, and the siding of buildings. All citizens within this dangerous reason have had to evacuate. Those who are not currently being directly hit by the hurricane, are still likely suffering power outages. There are some tips to help save perishable foods if you are unable to collect more non-perishables.

1. Group food together in the freezer. Make sure to keep the door closed so as to not release any cooling reserves. Move all food from the refrigerator into the freezer.

2. If you can, prepare ice packs, bags of ice, and coolers so that you can store any perishable foods. Coolers will always help the ice stay longer, so don’t just stick to the refrigerator to stock your food.

3. Remember that food that has been stored at 40 degrees Fahrenheit or warmer for more than two hours needs to be discarded. Perishable foods at this temperature leave you highly susceptible to food borne illness.

A lot of times in natural disaster, you do not know how long you will be left without electricity, water, gas, etc. It’s important to prepare to the best of your abilities.

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