Secret Ingredients To Make Your Plants Grow Faster

Bella Breakdown

These are secret ingredients that will make your plants grow faster.

Wood ash: it has a high alkaline content, making it great for neutralizing acidic soil.
Bananas: the potash and phosphorus content in the peels will enrich the soil.
Club soda: the hydrogen, carbon, oxygen and other ingredients benefit your greenery.
Aquarium water: the waste and bacteria may be harmful to fishes, but are beneficial to plants.

Coffee grounds: acid – loving plants like rosebushes and azaleas benefit from the acidity.
Eggshells: add them to plants like tomatoes that are plagued by calcium deficiency.
Tea leaves: these contain the three nutrients needed for good fertilizer: nitrogen, potash and calcium. Grass clippings: adding a thin layer to your vegetable garden can prevent weed growth.

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