Showering: Too Much Or Too Little?

Bella Breakdown

There are pretty much two types of people in the world. People who shower too long or too often, and people who do not shower enough. I shower every day, sometimes twice a day if I’ve exercised. You might say it is one of my most coveted daily routines other than sleeping. Some people think I’m crazy when I say I shower every day. These are usually the people who shower maybe two to three times… a week.

So, who’s crazier? The person that showers too often or the person that showers every other full moon? You can definitely make an argument for both, but showering too little can actually be bad for you.

1. You allow harmful bacteria more room for growth. The longer you’re not showering, the more bad bacteria is growing and harming the good bacteria that is on you.

2. You give issues like eczema and rashes a chance to grow even further. Too hot of water might make the issue worse, but cold to luke-warm showers can help soothe and heal irritation on your skin.

3. You will be a stinky smelly cat. Lotion, cologne, and perfumes only cover up so much of your further ripening skin.

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