Signs You’re A Controlling Partner

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Being a control freak isn’t necessarily a bad thing when it comes to things like running your own life, or career. It can be very beneficial to your overall success. Being a control freak becomes problematic when you are doing so to your partner though. It is one thing to be in control of your life, it is completely different to attempt to control someone else’s. So, what are they signs that you are a controlling partner, or that you have a controlling partner?

1. They constantly need your permission. Nothing that they do can slide without your input. They are not allowed to go anywhere or do anything without your explicit consent. This is super controlling.

2. You are very critical of their day to day. You are critical of what they wear, their habits, their friends.

3. You constantly have to have their attention. They cannot focus on other people or things in their life, or else it becomes a major problem, and a cause for a lot of fights.

4. You are extremely interrogative. You ask a lot of questions, as opposed to just taking what they have to say as it is. You are likely asking out of paranoia, and attempting to extract information that you will probably never get.

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