Simple Tricks To Look More Attractive

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You are bound to have an ugly day here and there. You know, the days when you just aren’t feeling your best. Even super models have them… not that that makes you feel any better, but still.

If you ever find yourself having one of those ugly days, or maybe even ugly weeks, here are a few simple tips to make yourself look more attractive, and hopefully make you feel more attractive as well!

1. Wear Red
Red is a vibrant, sexy color. It’s usually eye catching, and complementary to a vast array of skin tones.

2. Tan
A tan can make you look younger, more vibrant, and even a little bit thinner. Tans typically help brighten your eyes and smile as well.

3. Complement the Eyes
By doing things such as filling in your eyebrows, putting on a bit of mascara, wearing your contacts instead of glasses, you are making yourself look far more attractive because you are highlighting a very dominant feature on your face.

4. Show Some Skin
You don’t need to be fully naked obviously, but doing something as simple as wearing a short sleeve shirt is far more attractive.

5. Own A Dog
If you are simply just hopeless, having a dog around can make you 10 times more attractive. Dog owners are viewed as loving, responsible, and trustworthy.

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