Sit down, Relax & Say ‘Bye’ to Cellulite

Bella Breakdown

From creams to lasers, it seems like we have tried EVERYTHING to get rid of that pesky cellulite. Well, so we thought. Introducing “Sweet Cheeks” in just thirty minutes you can reduce the appearance of cellulite by… wait for it… sitting down!


ll you have to do is place the two Sweet Cheeks mats on your chair, sit for thirty minutes and BAM! Your appearance of cellulite will reduce right before your eyes.

Created by a registered nurse, this device is guaranteed to temporarily reduce your appearance of cellulite.


The coolest part is you don’t need to be naked to use them, so you can place them in your car or even in a plane on the go! Any chair will do because Sweet Cheeks is portable and easy to store.


Basically, the textured mat gives your thighs and booty a massage that in turn increases circulation. So at first you will have those pesky marks from the pattern you were sitting on, but in just an hour your legs will look great! Check out the video above to see Sweet Cheeks in action!

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