Skip The Pricey Candles, Make Your Own

Bella Breakdown

I LOVE candles, and just like beauty products, it can be easy to get sucked into buying the latest trendy candle or scent. Also like beauty trends, that can be very, very expensive. Take the cult classic brand Diptyque for instance. A large candle can cost you over $100 or even $200!

I tend to burn a lot of candles this time of year, so instead of shelling out your hard earned holiday money, try making your own candles this year. Make a couple extra for some inexpensive, personalized gifts!

Diptyque Inspired Tumbler Candles

You need:
– A glass tumbler
– Wax beads
– A wick
– Tape
– A knitting needle or pen
– Essential oils (rose and vanilla were used in this example)

1. Fill the tumbler with wax beads.
2. Put the beads in a pyrex jug or glass bowl in a pot of water and bring to boil.
3. Add your essential oil. For each candle I added around 10 drops of oil.
4. Using some wax, fix the wick to the bottom of the glass.
5. Tape the wick to a stick or pen balanced on the glass so that the wick doesn’t collapse when the wax is poured in. Then pour the wax into the tumbler (careful, it’s very hot!!) and let it set overnight. Keep wick taped to stick.
6. If your wax dries with a dip in the middle (which can happen when it shrinks), heat a little more wax and fill so the surface of the candle is flat. Finally, cut the end of the wick to around an inch long.

Try These Other Scent Combinations!
For an herbal scent, try rosemary and lavender or vanilla and jasmine.
Coconut, vanilla and other fruity scents create a warm tropical feel!
For something festive, try apple and cinnamon, or a little pumpkin spice.

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