Small Things You Can Start Today To Help The Environment

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It’s no secret that the planet is in trouble. Whether it’s running out of natural resources, running out of trees to cut down, or pollution, we are anything but kind to the planet. If you have been looking to make some changes to help save the planet, you don’t have to start big. Starting small and slowly making changes is the way to go. These simple tips from the new book Simple Acts To Save Our Planet show you how you can be more active in saving our planet every day by performing what they call, “Simple Acts Of Kindness” for the Earth.

These simple techniques will help protect the planet every day:
1. Start a compost pile in your yard.
2. Bring reusable containers to restaurants for leftovers.
3. Unplug appliances when they aren’t in use.
4. Unsubscribe from unnecessary catalogues, newspapers or magazines you may get in the mail still.
5. Be active on social media by sharing important articles regarding the planet.

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