Snack-Inspired Manicures Will Make You Hungry

Bella Breakdown

These nails literately look like a snack.

Fashion is all about adventure and adventure involves risk, going into the wild without any specific plan. Over the years, manicures have become something better than the regular cutting of nails and filing it has become an avenue for different ideas and expressions. However, fashion is not a license to feel that anything goes.

Yes, we may have the spider-man inspired manicure, the cartoon inspired manicure in general, the funky look, food inspired nails, ombre nail art, teal, social media nail art, Halloween nails, ect. But the snack-inspired manicures would definitely make you hungry.

Sometimes, ideas like this may sound weird. Some may consider it as a fashion faux-pas looking nails, others may consider it very creative bringing eats into beauty. It all depends on preferences.

From Pamper Nail Gallery based in Freemont, California, we have the coolest and different designs of our favorite snacks on our nails. They are very much inspired by your favorite children snack like gushers, PB&J, and pancakes.

The colors and decoration make your nails look so much like the packaging. There is every tendency that you might want to lick your fingers or feel hungry after.

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