Stop The Ghosting Madness

Bella Breakdown

I can’t help but wonder why we have such horrible dating habits in 2018. Why has ghosting someone become an accepted dating practice?! It is so terrible to be on the giving or receiving end of ghosting. We all know that it is really hard to get rejected, and that it is also really hard to reject someone, but the ghosting has got to stop.

I have been guilty of ghosting, that is until I myself got ghosted. That really stings. I had to think back to all of the times I ghosted somebody and ask myself, was it about me? Or was it about them? Honestly, it was usually about me not being ready to have am actual relationship with someone. Rather than being honest about that, I attempted to spare someone their feelings by just silently slipping away.

When I was ghosted though, I could not help but take it personally. It had to do with me if they’re just bouncing without saying anything? Did I say something wrong? Did I smell? What was it that made them ghost!?

The implications that are attached with ghosting are just sort of terrible for yourself and your fellow human being. So if you’re not into someone, or you’re not ready it is okay to say so. Just be honest and kind, and stop freakin’ ghosting!

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