Summertime Sickness

Bella Breakdown

As we make our way to the end of the summer months, we can’t help but savor our last few days of hot weather and weekend parties that go late into the night. You still might be participating in barbecues every weekend, and who could blame you? Barbecues have some of the best food! Summer, especially this particularly hot one, can be a breeding ground for foodborne illnesses. There are a number of foods you might be preparing for your summer meal that should be prepped with a lot of caution.

1. Poultry
It’s super important that you are storing chicken and turkey in a place cooler than 40 degrees fahrenheit, and that the temperature at which their cooked is hotter than 135 degrees. Be sure to wash your hands and any utensils that you’ve used to handle raw poultry thoroughly!

2. Oysters
Avoid raw oysters at all costs. Make sure they are thoroughly cooked before enjoying. They’re a great addition to any beach clam bake, but if they aren’t cooked you’re going to spend no time actually enjoying the party.

3. Sprouts
Sprouts can be a great addition to any sandwich or summer salad. However, if not properly cleaned before consumption they can be host to listeria and e.coli. Two diseases you do not want to catch from your food.

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