Thanksgiving Recipes That Are Perfect for Little Helping Hands

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Thanksgiving is almost here! The weather is cooling down, the holiday commercials are on TV and the time for cooking delicious food has arrived. If you have children, this is an especially wonderful time to include them in the traditions of preparing fun holiday treats. While you would not want to chance your prize dessert or the main course of the turkey on having it repeatedly touched and licked by little fingers and tongues, there are some smaller, more kid-friendly ways to make use of those little helping hands. You and your kids will cherish these fun times together in the kitchen.

Thanksgiving Turkeys:

Not to be mistaken with the real thing, these cute little treats are perfect and fun for kids to make. Made from Oreos, candy corn, malted milk balls and some melted chocolate, they are a great way for your little ones to make a cute decoration at each person’s place or a take-home favor for your guests.

Chocolate Turtle Apple Slices:

These sweet (and partially healthy – a girl can dream right?) treats can be made ahead and are a great way to get kids involved. This different take on a candied apple allows more bites that are covered in chocolatey, caramel-y goodness.

Kids DIY Turkey Muffins:

These cute turkeys can be made from any muffin you like. You can even buy them from the store! I like to make the muffins myself because I always reduce the amount of sugar a recipe calls for, plus I add good things like oats and flax meal to replace some of the flour. Then, you just add apple slices and a grape to make this look like Tom Turkey.

Twice-Baked Sweet Potatoes with Marshmallows:

Your older kids can definitely get involved in making a spin on this holiday tradition. Made with maple syrup and butter, it doesn’t get more delicious and flavorful than that!

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