The 5 Healthiest and Unhealthiest Orders From Your Favorite Fast Food Joints

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We’ve picked out the healthiest – and unhealthiest – orders from five of your favorite fast food chains.

Burger King’s healthiest order is the grilled chicken sandwich with no mayo. It has 370 cal, 7 g of fat and 36 g of protein. The restaurant’s unhealthiest order is the Bacon King sandwich, which contains a whopping 1,040 cal, 69 g of fat and 1,900 mg of sodium!

KFC’s healthiest order is the grilled chicken breast with green beans. It contains 235 cal, 7 g of fat and 39 g of protein. It’s unhealthiest order is the two piece extra crispy chicken, which contains 780 cal, 49 g of fat and 1,750 mg of sodium.

McDonald’s healthiest order is a hamburger with no ‘extras’ and a side salad. It contains 300 cal, 9.5 g of fat and 14 g of protein.

Wendy’s healthiest order is the power chicken salad with a small side of chili. That meal contains 420 cal, 14 g of fat and 20 g of protein. Wendy’s unhealthiest order is Dave’s Triple, which has 1,070 cal, 30 g of fat and 71 g of protein.

Taco Bell’s healthiest order is two fresco soft tacos with steak. The Bell’s unhealthiest order is the Doubledilla steak quesadilla with chips.

Which will you pick?

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