The Best and Worst Foods to Eat When You’re Stressed

Bella Breakdown

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, these foods might make you feel better, or worse!
These are some of the foods that will make you feel worse if you are already stressed out.

Refined sugar: The immediate blood sugar rush and subsequent crash will make you tired and cranky.

Salt: Excess salt intake can make you feel bloated and even raise your blood pressure if you already deal with hypertension.

Caffeine: Too much caffeine can leave you jittery and anxious. Go for these nutrient–dense foods instead, which can help with stress relief in the long term.

Vitamin C: Regularly consuming vitamin C can give your immune system a boost – which will help you out the next time you’re under pressure.

Prebiotics: Keep your gut bacteria healthy by enjoying garlic, onions and asparagus.

Potassium: The hydrating electrolyte helps reverse the effects of a high – sodium diet.

Magnesium: This nutrient helps fight headaches and fatigue.

Herbal teas: The common characteristics of these teas maybe just what you need to chill out and take a breath.

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