The Best Grocery Staples For Those On A Budget

Bella Breakdown

When managing a budget, groceries are one thing that won’t go away. A girls gotta eat! But, just because we need to purchase food, doesn’t mean we need to be careless about it. There are ways to save money while still eating the foods you love, you just have to be a little smarter about that budget of yours! Here are some grocery staples for anyone on a budget or someone just looking to be a little more cautious with money:

1. Eggs
2. Spinach
3. Apples
4. Parmesan cheese
5. Pasta
6. Garlic
7. Fresh herbs
8. Boneless, skinless chicken breasts
9. Lemons
10. A couple of options for roast-able veggies
11. Frozen fish
12. Canned veggies, like chickpeas
13. Dark chocolate
14. Quinoa and brown rice

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