The Best Wines For Thanksgiving Dinner

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Thanksgiving is a time to indulge, to prepare a bountiful feast, and to enjoy a few drinks with the ones you love. While the meal usually centers around the food, the hallmark of any Thanksgiving table, the drinks can be equally as important and festive. Holiday cocktails, champagne, and sparkling cider are all fun and celebratory accompaniments to a full table of food. If wine is your drink of choice though – or maybe the preference of some of your family members – it’s important to choose something that appeals to many people, as well as compliments the food you’re serving.

It’s best to have both red and white wine available to your guests, and to choose fairly mild varieties of each type so as not to overwhelm your taste buds or the flavor of the food.

Red wine is an excellent choice for the main meal, and tends to pair well with meat and heavier dishes like mashed potatoes and stuffing. The following are excellent selections for your table:

1. Pinot Noir
A light bodied, yet earthy wine that compliments a variety of flavors. Notes of black cherry and cocoa are warm and bold in the mouth. Look for a variety from Willamette Valley, Oregon, for a true taste of Americana.

2.Barbera d’Alba
A very drinkable, smooth wine from the Piedmont region of Italy. Barbera d’Alba is high in acidity, but low in tannins, allowing it to cut through rich food, yet feel velvety smooth on the palette.

The wine has become a popular choice for those looking for an affordable, highly drinkable wine. It may be a common choice, but for good reason. Made from a single variety of grape, Beaujolais is medium bodied, light on the palette and filled with rich flavors of dark fruit.

White wine can be an excellent way to start and finish your meal. I crisp white with a shrimp cocktail appetizer is divine, while a sweet Riesling will compliment pumpkin pie perfectly.

This wine from the Burgundy region is a more acidic cousin to Chardonnay. With a crisp finish, good minerality and low fruit flavor, it is perfect for light appetizers or for cutting through starchy foods.

2.Sauvignon Blanc
Another crowd pleaser, this versatile white is bright, acidic and grassy. It has subtle hints of green apple, but not enough fruit to overwhelm other flavors.

3.Rose d’ Anjou
For something in between, a fruity rose is a perfect pairing for dinner or dessert. While a bit on the sweeter side, it will compliment your bright dis

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