This Bride And Grandmother’s Photoshoot Will Melt Your Heart

Bella Breakdown

Having a loved one with cancer stirs up a lot of stressors and emotions for the entire family. Ellen Haynes has stage 4 breast cancer, and was fearful she would miss her granddaughter’s big day.

The fear of not being able to dance with her granddaughter on her wedding night prompted Ellen to do a pre-wedding photoshoot with her bride-to-be granddaughter, and let’s just say, it’s not for the faint-hearted. This emotional photoshoot is a must see.

Brittany, Ellen’s granddaughter, surprises her with a first look at her beautiful gown. The look on Ellen’s face is priceless. They also danced together, read emotional letters aloud to one another, and shared laughs and tears. Get the tissues ready, because this one will hit you right in the feels!

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