The Downside To Gender Reveal Parties

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As you scroll through your Instagram feed, you might not be able to avoid seeing people getting married, getting engaged, or announcing that they’re having a child. And you definitely can’t avoid the gender reveal videos. Gender reveals have gotten beyond creative. People are using balloons, cakes, powder filled baseballs, confetti, paint, whatever makes a mess you can bet it’s probably going to be used at a gender reveal party.

But gender reveals sometimes have a tendency to go a little wrong. Let’s face it, when you’re expecting a child there is usually one gender that you or your significant other wants more than the other. Now, sometimes you might be on the same page as your partner with what you’re hoping your baby will be, but that’s usually not the case. It’s 2018, but moms usually want a girl and dads usually want a boy. There I said it! We want what we think we know we’ll be able to handle.

A lot of gender reveals have gone viral lately because of how disappointed partners end up getting when they find out the gender. Hopefully they never show it to their children, because they might feel a little bad to see their mom or dad so disappointed when they found out what their gender was.

Some would ask, what’s the harm in a gender reveal? Last year a Border Patrol agent accidentally started a massive wildfire, all in the name of a gender reveal. The wildfire covered 47,000 acres in Arizona with the agent, Dennis Dickey, having to pay restitution fines of $8.2 million for the damage caused by the wildfire.

If you ever think of having a gender reveal party, just consider these factors as a simple party can escalate fairly quick.

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