The Effects Of Daylight Savings

Bella Breakdown

If you haven’t noticed already, the days are increasingly becoming shorter and shorter. Well, they might feel longer, but the light is definitely going away a lot faster. Halloween is over, and that means Daylight savings time is right around the corner. This year it falls on November fourth, set your clocks an hour back. Yes, an hour of sleep seems totally great, but it actually could have an effect on your body and overall functioning throughout the day.

The hour back messes up your internal clock or circadian rhythm, and can leave your feeling a bit groggy. The days become shorter, and darker. This can cause seasonal effective disorder, which causes that odd depression you may of noted during the cold winter months. Seasonal effective disorder is a very real thing, and has a lot to do with daylight savings time.

But don’t let the fall forward mess you up too much, maybe with your extra hour, you can add in a workout! Exercise does indeed make you happy due to the endorphins it produces. Plus the extra exercise might help fight off some of that holiday weight that could be coming up in the months to come. Or, ignore this and just enjoy your extra hour of sleep.

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