The Lessons Learned When Moving Cross Country

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Thinking about moving across the country because of a job, for a family member, or just for a new adventure? These are some of the lessons that others have learned from moving their lives to a new place.

East and west coast people and attitudes are very VERY different. You have probably heard about the stereotypes of the areas and frankly, some of them are true. Every place has pros and cons.

Fashion standards are also different. For instance, you may want to be aware of the hills in San Fransisco before you wear your stilettos to work. And you may also want to know that in some places it may be 30 degrees in the morning, but it will hit 65 degrees in the afternoon so the snow pants may not be necessary.

You will definitely feel uncomfortable in your new surroundings at times. This is going to take a lot of patience and it most definitely will not happen overnight. But, it will eventually happen!

This goes with friends too, best friends won’t emerge overnight either but you will find them. It will take some effort and some time, but it will happen!

You really don’t need to bring as much stuff as you think. That painting in your garage that you are convinced you need, sell it or give it to someone else.

This is important. People on the east coast curse way more than anywhere else in the country (or in the world maybe). Don’t take it personally, it is just the ‘lingo’.
Good luck on your new journey!

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