The Mathematics Of Love

Bella Breakdown

Sometimes we think that meeting our one true love is magical, mystical, and something derived straight from the good of the universe itself. Well it might be a lot simpler than that. Just like everything else that gets ruined by math, love might simply come down to a numbers game. That’s right, picking your perfect partner is mathematical and scientific, and I guess a little emotional too… but only out of necessity.

Experts say that when it comes to dating, use the first 37% of the people you’ve dated as practice individuals. That’s right, they’re just for fun, because after that, the rest of the people you are looking for should be based upon people you actually could see yourself with for the rest of your life. So if you’ve just started the dating game, you’re going to have to write off those first few people.

The age experts suggest you actually stopping that ‘fun’ dating, and start looking for more serious partners is 26. Typically you have matured, and it’s just the prime age to settle down with another partner. I know, romantic isn’t it? But it might actually be helpful. Sometimes we spend our time being hung up on those first few people who didn’t work out. But if you look at it in a mathematical way, they’re just filler!

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