The New Way to Hot Roll

Bella Breakdown

Don’t throw your hot rollers out yet! This fabulous tutorial is perfect for getting big, tousled waves. Just follow these 10 easy steps for a look that can tackle any day.


Step One: Before – For this look you’ll need to start with smooth, dry hair.

Step Two: Create Texture – Next, add volume with whatever mousse of texturizer you have on hand.

Step Three: Section Off – Section off your hair evenly all around the head.

Step Four: Wrap Around – Hold the roller vertically and place it in the center of each section.

Step Five: Secure – Clip each roller into place with a clip. You can also use pins if your rollers come with them, but clips work just as well.

Step Six: Set – Allow the curlers to completely cool. You can finish setting this step with a blast of cold air from your hairdryer.

Step Seven: Unwrap – Now for the fun part! Gently slide the roller out of the coiled curl.

Step Eight: Texturize – Mist a dry texturizing spray thought the hair to set and give you a look that lasts all day.

Step Nine: Brush – Use a natural bristle brush to lightly brush hair back and to the left.

Step Ten: After – All done!

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