The Only 5 Makeup Brushes You’ll Ever Need

Bella Breakdown

The right makeup brushes can make all the difference – here are five you should know about.


theonly5makeupbrushesyoulleverneed1 Eyeshadow Brush – use this small fluffy brush to blend eyeshadow.


theonly5makeupbrushesyoulleverneed2 Angled Brush – use an angled brush to define your eyebrows, then use it to apply eyeliner.


theonly5makeupbrushesyoulleverneed3Foundation Brush – spread concealer on first, then buff on your foundation.


theonly5makeupbrushesyoulleverneed4Blush Brush – place bronzer on cheeks, jawline, and temples. Apply blush on the apples of the cheeks.


theonly5makeupbrushesyoulleverneed5Fan Brush – use a highlighter on cheekbones, forehead and nose. Beautiful!

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