The Perfect College Graduation Gifts

Bella Breakdown

It is graduation season! Many college students are making the transition from college living to the real world. Instead of giving them a t-shirt with their school name on it, get them something that will help them with the upcoming change.

Here are a few things that ALL college graduates can use and will love.

1.) A meal prep subscription. They will have less shopping to do, will learn cooking skills and will find recipes that they love.

2.) Gym class services. There are certain services, like Classpass, that let you try classes before you commit to a membership.

3.) A toolkit. This will help them put together their first apartment and they will probably use it for the rest of their life.

4.) Deluxe headphones. Pair this with an audiobook or iTunes gift card, and they will be ready to tackle any commute!

5.) A nice watch. Nice accessories help with first impressions during important interviews.

6.) Gift cards for their favorite store. With a gift card, they will always find something that they love.

Along with one of these gifts, get them a card with some solid life advice. Any of these things with some advice would make any college grad happy!

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