The Ultimate Brain Foods

Bella Breakdown

Finding it hard to concentrate at work, in school or even in general? Some of these foods have been proven to help people concentrate.

Avocados! The millennial superfood have both vitamin E and vital fats. Next is tumeric. Tumeric can be put in smoothies or even on top of veggies. The active compound curcumin can boost both attention and memory. Leafy green vegetables is a must. It is proven that only one serving a day of these could slow cognitive decline down by around 11 years. That is 11 years of full brain power! Nuts are another big one. Walnuts actually have compounds that reduce any brain inflammation that you may have. Eggs. Who doesn’t love a sunny side up or scrambled egg in the morning? Eggs have a compound called choline that helps the nervous system. Last but not least there is salmon. The ever so popular fish has an abundance of omega-3 fatty acids which boosts brain health.

While these foods may not help you focus in your bosses next 3 hour meeting, they will definitely help with other focus-oriented tasks!

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