These Celebs Have Been Banned From Other Countries

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Being a celebrity comes with a lot of perks, but it doesn’t always get you a pass to go anywhere you want. These celebrities have been banned from other countries and here is why.

Justin Bieber is not longer allowed to visit China. While there were other offenses involved, it is said that he was banned for recklessly skateboarding.

Beyonce cannot go to Malaysia. Queen B got banned? And the reason will have you screaming. Her cleavage has gotten her shows cancelled twice in the foreign country and it has been made quite obvious that she is not welcome back.

Alec Baldwin has been banned from the Philippines. He made a joke about mail order brides and was then labeled an undesirable alien.

Selena Gomez cannot go to Russia. The government fears that is she was to visit she would speak out against their anti-LGBT laws.

Elton John is no longer welcomed in Egypt. He mades comments about homophobia in the middle east and it upset the government.

Martha Stewart cannot go to the U.K. They often deny visas to people with criminal records.

Don’t make the same mistake that these celebs did if you are planning on traveling to any of these countries.

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