These Tampon Companies Are Merging Feminism with Feminine Care

Bella Breakdown

Feminism in the tampon aisle isn’t limited to the sport-specific variety, nor is it embodied by a woman clad in white who dances on the beach, accompanied by a script telling you to enjoy your flow.


When you buy a box of these organic cotton tampons, the company will donate a box to a female entrepreneur in a developing country.

Monthly Gift

Totes, sweatshirts and makeup bags appropriately tagged with “feminist AF” across the front.


Besides giving pads to girls in India, Cora also hires the women there to create the products. It empowers them and the local economy as a result.

Go Aunt Flow

With the “buy one, give one” model in place, Go Aunt Flow supports five organizations each month that benefit women in need.


The company donates boxes of their organic goods to women and girls in need through non-profits like Distributing Dignity.

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