Things To Do In Portland

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If you are a fan of, ‘Portlandia’, and have been inspired to go to one of the hippest cities in the country, you might want to get a list of things to do before you go. There is a lot to see that is not only awesome to experience, but perfect to put on Instagram as well.

1. Willamette River
Blow up an inner tuber and float down the Willamette river, where you can leisurely float through downtown Portland and get to see all of the sites. Or, you can take a boat ride, paddle board, and kayak.

2. Portland’s Saturday Market
This awesome outdoor market has clothing vendors, along with food and drinks and just a lot of people!

3. International Rose Test Garden
Home to over 7,000 Rose bushes, this garden is a haven for tranquility in this busy city. Plus, it smells pretty great.

4. Mill Ends Park
If you want to see something a little strange, head to Mill end’s park. It’s the world’s tiniest park! Snap a pic, and leave because it’s really not big enough to hang around in.

5. Powell’s Bookstore
Powell’s is the world’s largest Indie bookstore. New and used alike, soak up the letters in this gigantic, hip bookstore.

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