This Advent Calendar Will Really Get You Into the Holiday Spirit

Bella Breakdown

The way in which we celebrate the holidays in the past few years has gotten a lot more extra if you will. We find a lot of different ways to excuse excessive eating and drinking, and you guys, this Christmas is no different. In comes the wine advent calendar. That’s right, you can celebrate 12 days of wine… I mean Christmas. If you want to celebrate 24, than be sure to purchase 2.

Vinebox has created perfectly curated boxes featuring 12 different wines. The best part is that each wine is bottled in the perfect glass-sized vial. The box features a mixture of reds and whites.

This is the perfect gift for not only the wine-lover in your life but also the person who might get a little stressed during the holidays. Instead of them buying their own wine to guzzle away the dread of a family party, you can give them the gift of an excuse to drink nightly.

This is also the perfect, “treat yourself” gift. You’re not going to feel guilty explaining that you’re only doing it to count down the days to Christmas. You can’t help that you’ve picked such a classy and adult advent calendar! If you’re not a wine drinker, don’t worry, there are all kinds of companies sending out 12 days worth of another spirit you might enjoy.

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