This Invention Is Important. Period.

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There is one thing all women have in common. Our periods. Our monthly gift that leaves us cramping and bleeding for a week straight. In America, as a working class woman you might not necessarily think twice when you’re grabbing pads or tampons at the store. It’s just a part of your monthly purchases. You might not think about all of the women across the world and even women right outside of your door who aren’t able to afford pads and tampons

Kristy Chong, founder of ModiBodi, has created “period proof” underwear to help advocate for women’s and environmental health. Pads and tampons end up in landfills and in the ocean. Not all products are biodegradable. Women in impoverished countries and homeless women do not have access to feminine products For some young women in other countries, a week long period halts their education process.

The period proof panty is a product that you can actually donate to women across the globe. This product is the washable, environmentally safe way to manage your period. It’s the perfect way to help your fellow female as well. The underwear are comfortable, cute, and come in an array of colors. They’re fashionable and most importantly fully functional.

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