This Is The Right Way To Reject Someone You’re Dating

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The dating game is tiresome and tedious. We’ve all been in situations where the date just isn’t going well, or it’s just time to cut the person loose and move on. Getting rejected can be just as hard as dishing out the rejection, so if you’re facing a situation where you need to have an honest conversation and cut the ties, there’s definitely a right way to go about it.

“Rejection can be difficult for those who are doing the rejecting and those who are experiencing the rejecting,” licensed clinical psychologist Dr. Molly Giorgio, told Bustle. “However, it is an unfortunate but necessary part of the dating process, because it allows people to actually find the partners they are looking for. If you are rejecting someone who is interested in you, it is important to remember that standing up for what you are looking for is a part of self-care.”

First, be gracious (if you truly mean it) and say that you appreciate the compliment of their attention and devotion, but be honest about your feelings. If you’re just not interested anymore, say that. And when it comes to being friends, only offer your friendship if it’s what you really want. Sometimes, it’s best to cut things off, and cut off all communication as well.

Decide what it is you want and what’s going to be best for your mental health. You shouldn’t have to compromise!

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